Asked by Judge Denise Cote to amend its recommended remedy for Apple in the ebooks price-fixing case, the Department of Justice complied.
The DOJ softened its original stance on how long it would seek to control and monitor Apple’s activities in the ebook market – from ten years to five years with the possibility of extension. It also adopted a suggestion by Judge Cote that publishers only be allowed to negotiate new contracts with Apple on a staggered schedule to prevent further collusion.
The DOJ also clarified that its remedy did not seek to regulate the app market or in-app purchasing across Apple’s app network.
Most importantly, we’re one step close to strong government intervention in the ebook market – beyond what we’ve already seen. The government’s actions may have already had a strong negative impact on the viability of Nook’s digital content business. What more consequences might we see?
Read more at Pub Lunch about the revised DOJ proposal.

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