To mark 25 years of t’Internet the TLP team have had a look back at all the domain names we’ve ever registered, but never quite got around to using properly. These relics stand as a reminder of all those great* ideas we had for websites that somehow never quite got off the ground… You know the ones!
Last night in a roundtable discussion at the Discover Children’s Story Centre as part of The Big Write, we reminded ourselves that it’s not so much the idea that counts – it’s all in the execution. Our list of domain names – most never used – reminds us of this important point.
We’re sure that most of our readers will have their own graveyard domain names so if you want to add your own here then either email us at editor@theliteraryplatform or tweet it with the #domaingraveyard hashtag and we’ll list it below with your name. Book-related is of particular interest but we’re happy to hear about all those other fatal pub ideas too.
*well we thought they were OK at the time….
Here are just a few of ones we’ve registered ourselves:
A website exclusively for second hand penguin books. The big idea was to create …read more

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