Protesters suffocated in police vans, young men executed in the desert and constant fear are the realities of Egypt todayFor several nights after the curfew was declared on 14 August, the streets of Cairo were quieter and darker than I’d ever seen them. As quiet as the morgue, the saying goes, except that our morgue, in Zeinhom, was the busiest place in the city: the dead arriving in scores; giant, refrigerated meat trucks parked in the narrow road to hold the corpses the morgue could not accommodate; relatives and friends, distraught, trying to access bodies; residents burning incense on the street to try to mitigate the smell … The morgue is the point to which our reality keeps returning.On the streets where the living live, the streets of the City That Never Sleeps, it has been as though we’re waiting for an air raid: the lights are switched off, and there are no lights either in windows or balconies. Darkness and silence.Across the country, though, in tens of locations, there has been light, vivid blazing light, leaping out of windows and licking at walls, catching at the nearby trees. Forty-two churches have been torched, and so have many other buildings: …read more

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