Crime author Peter Leonard game to take on book about Stetson-wearing US marshal Raylan GivensPeter Leonard, son of master crime writer Elmore Leonard, who died last week, may complete his father’s 46th and final novel. It has the working title Blue Dreams and features the Stetson-wearing US marshal Raylan Givens.Leonard, also a published novelist, was interviewed by BBC Radio 4’s Sunday show Broadcasting House, following his father’s funeral last week. Asked if he would complete the novel, he said: “I would, yes. I think so. It’s been discussed among family members and I’ve talked to Greg Stutter, Elmore’s long-time researcher.””I don’t know the last line, the novel was unfinished,” he added. “I don’t know how many pages it is.” Blue Dreams was originally conceived to feature a rogue immigration and customs official, an Indian bull rider and federal marshal Givens.Leonard, whose published novels include Back from the Dead, Voices of the Dead and Trust Me, described his father’s input into his own writing career. “Just after college I wrote a short story that was six pages long. A few days later, I got his three-page critique, the gist of which was ‘all of your characters look and sound the same, …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books