A recent exploratory study found that 40% of primary schools and 18% of pre-schools are using or trialling iPads, which makes me wonder, as I have many times before, why more children’s publishers aren’t taking tablets seriously. Not just educational content (academic publishers are actually doing a bit better here, I find) but any kind of reading material at all. Although at Nosy Crow we don’t create apps with a particular educational focus, we are interested in reading for pleasure, and just as every Nosy Crow print title has a child reader in mind, every app is made with the ambition of getting children excited about reading in new and exciting ways.
Every now and then – usually in the comments section underneath pieces that mention our apps in The Guardian – I am told that our apps are bad, that they don’t “count” as reading, and that they are depriving children of valuable time which could be spent with real, print books. This strikes me as an entirely false dichotomy. I don’t believe that our apps are competing with print books for a child’s attention – I think, actually, that they are competing with all of the other forms of …read more

Via: The Literary Platform