Five big challenges face publishers as they leverage readership, customers, and authors, according to Mary Dolan, Director of Sales at Harvard Business Review Press:
1. Balancing direct sales and e-tail partners
Currently, HBR’s largest channel of digital sales is Amazon and the publisher finds that mapping Amazon’s analytics onto HBR’s is useful and, for now, not causing any rifts.
Speaking at today’s Digital Book World Marketing + Publishing Services Conference & Expo in New York City, Dolan joked that becoming Amazon’s staunch e-tailing competitor wouldn’t be a bad situation.
2. The shifting retail landscape affects discoverability and author relationships
Addressing this challenge may require a combination of innovative experimenting and patiently waiting to see what surfaces in the marketplace.
3. Supporting the growth of international sales
This, Dolan explained, requires careful managing of a publisher’s relationship with Amazon’s global sites and having a strategy in place to cope with local pricing issues. And when it comes to handling new players, new devices, and evolving formats, Dolan has entrusted Harvard Business Review Press’s content to Constellation Digital Services.
4. Scaling the ebook business while minimizing internal e-commerce competition
Where the publisher is internally equipped to market and sell ebooks directly, they should but only insofar as it doesn’t take crucial …read more

Via: Digital Book World