I recently surveyed my colleagues at the Book App Alliance to find out what myths they hear most often about book apps. Here’s a look at five of the most common.Related: Register for Karen Robertson’s DBW U course on how to create a book app.  1. You can tell the difference between a book app and an ebookSometimes you can and sometimes you can’t! I often say “a book app is an ebook on steroids” because, from a functionality perspective, you can do so much more with a book app. Ebooks are for reading and book apps are for engaging and interacting.The truth of the matter is that even a simple digital book (with basic enhancements like a few sound effects or animation for example) can qualify as a book app. What separates an ebook from a book app is how it’s developed and where it’s sold.The magic of book apps is that writers can create a multi-sensory reading experience that brings the reader into the narrative or text. But it’s not all about bells and whistles. A great book app starts with quality writing, so editing is essential.Have a look at “Love, the App” as an example. It recently …read more

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