In the past several years, many publishers and digital start-ups have invested in book apps, but few have reported good return on their investments.That was the traditional thinking in 2012 and 2013, anyway. In 2014, the situation could be different as yet more people have smartphones and tablets and are even more comfortable with buying and engaging with apps.So, while thinking about your 2014 and 2015 investments, give apps another look. Here’s a list of five myths about apps to get your head back in the game.More. To get all the ebook and digital publishing news you need every day in your inbox at 8:00 AM, sign up for the DBW Daily today!Related: Register for the latest DBW U course on how to create a book app.Webcast: Digital Workflows That Are Reshaping Content Creation (DBW) Join Digital Book World, Sanders Kleinfeld, director of publishing technology at O’Reilly Media, and David Wilcockson, development director at Librios Ltd for the third in a March series of ebook production webcasts where we will dive in to how two new digital production workflows are changing everything for digital content production. Register.Six Lessons Publishers Can Learn From Harlequin (DBW) Harlequin has struggled in recent years to …read more

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