From steampunk airships to chilling holiday camps, Fletcher Moss picks his favourite claustrophic parallel worlds to get lost in”Fanboys, obsessives and fantasy-geeks call it ‘world-building’; the graft that goes into creating a sustained, logical and robust other-world; a fictional landscape so vivid it almost plays the role of an additional character. Writing The Poison Boy meant hours spent tramping the streets of a place called Highlions, mostly by moonlight, in pursuit of a crew of teenage runaways and a murderer with a broken face. I’ve visited this virtual place so often that I know what district I’m in by the street slang, the shape and position of the churches and wells, or the scent of the river on the night air. Highlions is walled, and the action never leaves its streets, so there is – I hope, at least – a strong unity of place. In this list, I’ve deliberately steered clear of open worlds and chosen instead some more claustrophobic, closed locations you might not have visited before…”Fletcher Moss is an assistant head teacher in a secondary school in Greater Manchester. A visit Alnwick Castle and its poison garden provided the inspiration for The Poison Boy, his first novel, …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books