As professors, we realize that our students stay the same age, but we don’t. Keeping up with the latest is toughEvery fall the same thing happens: I say “salvete!” (hello in Latin) to a classroom of college students. The students are roughly the same age as they were last year, the year before, and all the other years back to the 1990s when I started teaching. But I’m older, now the age of their parents. Sometimes I console myself that at least I’m not the age of their grandparents, but I know it’s only a matter of time. At many a training session for faculty, mention is made of the Mindset List, which seeks to reveal the world view and values of today’s 18-something year olds. Tom McBride and Ron Nief, an English professor and a now-retired administrator at Wisconsin’s Beloit College, started compiling the list in 1998 to gently remind ageing professors like me that saying “groovy!” probably wouldn’t get us very far with students. The list for the Class of 2017 (freshmen born in 1995) came out today. Like previous lists, this year’s remarks on the ephemerality of pop culture figures, the mutability of language and the myriad …read more

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