Nearly 6,000 players so far but digital publisher Dan Franklin wants to get ‘two, three or four times the number of people’ into the interactive novelWhen Random House launched its Black Crown Project in May 2013, most of the attention was focused on the medium – a book publisher’s first move into gaming – rather than the message.The project is a free-to-play web game by debut author Rob Sherman: a creepy and wonderfully-written story about the mysterious Widsith Institute, and the historical exploits of a figure called the Miasma Eremite.You could compare it to classic text adventures, or perhaps Choose Your Own Adventure books, but that’s medium talk again. The point about Black Crown is that it’s not a whizzy piece of technology applied to so-so writing and a predictable storyline. It’s a great book that happens to be published in a different format.Since its launch in May, new content has been added to Black Crown every couple of weeks, and it’s currently around 65% of the way towards completion in September.The game is free, but you can buy a virtual currency called Nex, then spend it unlocking new story branches; speeding up access to “Living Stories” which you’d otherwise have to …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books