‘Please please please don’t judge this book by its title!’Please please please don’t judge this book by its title! To be honest, I almost did, but I told myself I must give it a try, and I’m so pleased I did!It’s Rochelle the Gargoyle’s first day at Monster High, a fabulous school just for monsters. She’s soon the best of friends with Venus McFlytrap and Robecca Steam. Everything seems to be going well, they’re enjoying their lessons, getting along just fine. Until strange things start happening to students. They keep losing their emotions and acting like slaves to the school’s new teacher, Miss Flapper, a.k.a The Flap. Soon, all the students are under some sort of trance except for Robecca, Venus, Rochelle and a quiet but very knowledgeable boy called Cy. The four must work out what’s going wrong and stop it before Miss Flapper takes over the whole school.I honestly thought it would be awful, and maybe aimed at a younger age group than me, but I was wrong in both ways. Read this book for some light entertainment and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Want to tell the world about a book you’ve read? Join the site and …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books