Why did two of radical feminism’s biggest names decide to advise the makers of the new movie about the late porn star Linda Lovelace?Seeing the names of two of radical feminism’s most famous activists pop out in the closing credits of Lovelace might have surprised filmgoers over the weekend. The biopic about the star of the notorious 1972 porn film Deep Throat came with thanks to Catherine MacKinnon, a lawyer and anti-pornography campaigner, and Gloria Steinem, founder of Ms magazine.The pair met Linda “Lovelace” Marchiano just before she released her (third) memoir, Ordeal, in 1980. In it, she wrote of being abused, pimped and raped by her then husband Chuck Traynor who reportedly forced her to make Deep Throat at gunpoint. The three of them worked as anti-porn campaigners for the next decade and Marchiano became Linda’s lawyer. MacKinnon represents Linda’s children and estate since the actor turned activist died in 2002, so when producers wanted to make a film about her life story they went to her for permission.”Our fear was that [the film] would just be more sexual exploitation of Linda,” says MacKinnon. “But after meeting the producers and directors, we were clear that they wanted to do …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books