‘I would fully recommend this book to teenagers looking for an epic, girly read’I read this book in less then twenty-four hours. It was fun, entertaining and stayed with you well after the book was finished. It tells the story of four girls doing an internship at a big fashion magazine, Gloss, in the sixties. All of the girls have dreams, hopes and lots of ambition, and are dying to make their mark on New York. Sherry is a well brought up goody two shoes, prom queen and pageant princess yet a well-to-do lady from the south. Wanting to live a simple life with her boyfriend yet she is bursting with ideas and her excellent writing and good attitude makes a Gloss girls life a possibility. Donna is a mysterious character, keeping herself to herself and not making any attempt to make friends with her fellow interns. It’s not until a large quantity of the sample closet items go missing and the truth comes out about Donna’s past, it becomes clear she is running away from something bigger then the other girls could have imagined. Allison wants to make a difference to Gloss magazine, changing the influence set by all …read more

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