‘I would reluctantly recommend this book to a modern fantasy lover, but Wolf Brother is far superior!’The setting is Greece, around 4,000 years ago. Hylas, a young goatherd, is attacked by Black Warriors. They have killed his dog, Scram who was his best friend and his younger sister is now missing. He finds his friend Telamon, the son of the Chieftain, who helps him get away, escaping on a raft along the coast. Soon after he meets Pirra, daughter of the high Priestess who is being forced to marry Telamon. Hyla steals a boat which later is destroyed in a storm and is washed up on the island of the Fin people. It turns out that Pirra has escaped to the same island. Hylas befriends a young dolphin named ‘Spirit’. They get lost in a large cave in the middle of the island and an earth-quake closes the entrance. After finding their way out, he meets a madman who tells him that his knife is what makes the Black Warriors invincible. The Black Warriors arrive and Hylas meets Telamon who he discovers is a relation to the Black Warriors. Then he fights Kratos, one of the Black Warriors for the …read more

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