John LeFevre, the man behind the @GSElevator account.
Alex Shephard: Hi Dustin! Read any good parody Twitter accounts lately? I know that you are a big fan of parody Twitter accounts and are always complaining that there aren’t enough parody accounts on Twitter.
Dustin Kurtz: It’s true. Sometimes I need jokes to liven up my day. And to supply me with things to discuss at the water cooler. Offices, am I right? What’s the deal? And since I am a hip young guy I get those jokes from the internet.
A: Yes. Today you just wouldn’t stop talking about Bitcoins. I bet you’d like to see a Bitcoin parody account! Or maybe an account that answers the HILARIOUS question: what do the people who work to make bitcoins talk about around THEIR water coolers, or possibly in THEIR elevators?
D: But my absolute favorite parody accounts have value beyond jokes, Alex. They shine a light. ON SOCIETY. That’s why I love the @GSElevator. Because, you know Alex, it’s funny, and it’s TRUE. Sometimes I think to myself, these tweetjokes are such good tweetjokes, I’d like to read them over and over again! I’d like to read these elevatortweetjokes everywhere, including in the elevator! Wouldn’t …read more

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