For the fourth straight year, romance book publisher Harlequin has posted revenue declines despite gains made by other large publishers. Romance readers have been early and enthusiastic adopters of ebooks, yet the company’s digital advances haven’t outpaced its print retreat.So I took some time to talk with Harlequin CEO Craig Swinwood about the company’s results, how it has adapted to the rise of ebooks and self-publishing, and what the future holds for the publisher.Related: Harlequin 2013 ResultsJeremy Greenfield: Has the rise of ebooks hurt your business? Craig Swinwood: The market is dynamic, so things are connected. For us there’s a couple of issues around digital that were certainly advantageous for us early on but have become a variance in the past couple of years.Romance readers were really the early risers on the digital adoption curve. They were the first to get excited about digital reading. So we had a pretty big uptick pretty quickly, particularly in back-list. We have thousands and thousands of titles that weren’t available to most readers because there was no space in physical retail for them. Digital allowed us to offer those titles.What we’re seeing in the last year or so is a bit of normalization …read more

Via: Digital Book World