Moggach’s latest book, about an actor who escapes London to run a B&B in Wales, is witty, warm and crying out for Bill Nighy and co to star in the screen versionAfter the great success at the box office of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, based on Moggach’s 2004 novel, These Foolish Things, it’s difficult not to play casting director with her latest book, which is just crying out for Bill Nighy and co. In fact it’s already set to become a BBC series. If only lovely Richard Griffiths were still around to play Buffy, the ageing but amiable actor who escapes London for the Welsh borders when he inherits a rundown B&B. Strapped for cash, Buffy starts running “courses for divorces”. Cue hordes of slightly shop-soiled exes blundering about the Marches and, naturally, finding love. Moggach directs her characters with an assured touch, effortlessly matchmaking in a way that satisfies both the desire for vicarious happiness and our insatiable appetite for plot twists. She’s witty, on the button when it comes to the state of the nation and, above all, heroically generous with the warmth she dispenses. It’s a real skill to do this without descending into sickliness. Perfect …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books