The author of The M Room, about the Germans and Austrians who eavesdropped on Britain’s Nazi PoWs during the second world war, says authors have to consider unconventional publishing options in a fast-changing marketScroll down to recommend your own favourite self-published authorsIn November 2001, a young German historian working at the University of Glasgow paid a flying visit to the Public Record Office, as the UK’s National Archives were then known, as part of his research into the battle of the Atlantic, the maritime campaign that was waged throughout the second world war.Sönke Neitzel had frequently travelled to the archives at Kew, south-west London, picking up a few worthwhile scraps on each visit.”But this time it was different,” recalled Neitzel. He had stumbled across a treasure trove: transcripts of conversations betwen captured German servicemen at prisoner-of-war camps in England. There were thousands of of the conversations, all covertly recorded in one of the most extraordinary secret surveillance operations of the war. “I had to be one of the first people [since the war] to have ever held them in his hands,” he said.Declassified five years earlier, the transcripts had been filed away at Kew and appear to have been largely …read more

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