Melissa Anelli (via Flickr/Mr. Muggles)
As an author, you want to cultivate obsessive fans—fans who will buy each of your books in hardcover and patiently wait for hours to have you sign them without then dousing you in ink and ruining your outfit.
For some authors, however, the line is crossed in a big way, and obsessive fans turn into obsessive stalkers. Melissa Anelli has been dealing with an unhinged stalker for the past five and a half years, an ordeal that includes a daily barrage of graphic death and rape threats not only to her but also to her family and friends.
The situation started when Anelli wrote to a member of the forums on her Harry Potter fansite, The Leaky Cauldron, who had been posting graphic threats against an actress in the Harry Potter film franchise.
The poster, incensed that Anelli had chastised her, began an ongoing campaign of harassment and intimidation that has resulted in an FBI case and an international warrant of arrest.  Still the harassment has not stopped because New Zealand, where the stalker resides, has not enforced the terms of parole.
This week Anelli did something that stalking victims are advised never to do: she finally responded to her stalker …read more

Via: Melville House Books