The name of the exams may have changed over the years but the emotion of getting (or not getting) one’s grades has notStephen Twigg, shadow education secretaryI am old enough to have been at school before GCSEs were introduced. I did O-levels at Southgate comprehensive school in 1983. To be honest, I was a bit of an anorak; one of my hobbies when I was 12 was doing my own geography projects at home.I remember going into school for my results. I had taken English language early and was disappointed to get a B. My mum had very high expectations so it was a relief that I got As in my other subjects.My subject choices wouldn’t have pleased Michael Gove; I took only one science (physics) so I wouldn’t have qualified for the EBacc, had it existed back then. I even took sociology – which I found very rewarding. Assessment was based purely on examinations (sounds familiar?). This worked well for me as I was good at memorising things. I got an A in physics because I remembered all the key formulae and knew how to apply them.The idea of “turning the clock back” to the kind of exams I …read more

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