Carlos Spottorno’s satirical photobook uses humour and stunning images to confront economic mudslingingPointedly designed as a pastiche of the Economist magazine, The Pigs by Carlos Spottorno is a different kind of photobook. Its title is the term coined by the business and financial press as a shorthand way of describing the ongoing economic plight of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. As Spottorno notes in his introduction: “What started as a pejorative label used by neoconservatives, mainly from English-speaking countries, was eventually taken up for some time without any qualms by the media.”The Pigs, he continues, is “an attempt to illustrate the stereotypes brought up by the term”. To this end, his photographs are wilfully and provocatively stereotypical. In one, Portugal is represented by a young Gypsy boy holding his horse against a backdrop of urban apartments. In another, Italy is reduced to a rural hillside dotted with partially built houses. Greece becomes an ancient church surrounded by faceless glass office blocks, while, in a memorable image from – and about – Spain, a young woman parks her car beneath a row of uninhabited modern buildings designed to look like medieval castles.”This is how I imagine economists see us,” writes Spottorno. …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books