Julia Cameron’s best-seller The Artist’s Way has sold more than 4m copies worldwide. Now she’s written an eagerly awaited follow-up – to help parents foster children’s creativity’I grew up in what you might call a relentlessly creative household,” says Julia Cameron, author of the best-selling self-help book on creativity in history, “We were given art supplies, music supplies … Our mother knew enough to get us started and then stand back and not meddle. My parents never said to us, ‘Don’t you think you’ll need something to fall back on?’ They acted as though creativity was completely normal. As a result all of us seven children earn our livings by our wits.”Cameron, 65, is a novelist, screenwriter and poet, who used to be married to Martin Scorsese. She is best known, though, as the author of The Artists’s Way. Published in 1992, it has sold more than 4m copies worldwide. An army of would-be writers and artists swear by her methods, which include Morning Pages – writing first thing as a daily meditation. For years, Cameron’s fans have been pressing her to write a version for children. They will be happy to know that the wait is over – The …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books