To me, Google+ has always been something of an enigma. I’ve had a Google+ account for at least a few years, and am a die-hard Gmail user, but I never could figure out how or why to use the social network. I’m not, by nature, a rabid social media user, period, so arguably I was a tougher sell than some. So when Angela Craft, our marketing and publicity manager, came on board in April of this year, singing the praises of what she described as the fastest-growing social network, I was a bit guarded. And yes, I have since been proven wrong.
Angela has been working closely with representatives from Google Hangouts to put together online book-related events in a big way. Since Google is populated by employees with (obviously crazy impressive) technological know-how and an equally stellar marketing approach, the result of Diversion as a digital-only publisher working with them has been exciting and innovative, quick-moving and metric-results-driven.
I asked Angela to share a bit more about the whole concept of the Google Hangout, how we’re applying it with some of our authors, and a few key points on how best to utilize the social network and the almighty tool that …read more

Via: Digital Book World