The makers of the 1990s BBC adaptation of Mary Norton’s tales about tiny people recall the weird techniques they had to use to achieve that crucial ‘Borrowers’ eye perspective’John Henderson, directorI realised it was going to be hard to live up to expectations, because everyone who has read the book has very definite ideas about how everything should be. I relied heavily on the original drawings because I didn’t want to be chased down the street by elderly ladies in cardigans saying I’d got it all wrong.The most crucial thing was getting the scale right. Everything had to be 1:10, so if you were filming someone walk across a room, you had to be 10 times further away than on a normal shoot. We also had to crawl along the ground to film no higher than six inches tall, to get the Borrowers’ eye view; we got through so many pairs of jeans between us. I stuck a sign to the cameras saying “We are the Borrowers film crew”, so we’d always imagine ourselves as the characters – and never raise the camera above their height except for aerial shots. Mostly it was easy to think small. All actors are …read more

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