Daisy Waugh’s call for a more relaxed approach to motherhood is funny and refreshingIt’s become a badge of honour in recent years for a certain type of woman – thirty- and fortysomething columnists, usually – to declare publicly what bad mothers they are. They don’t mean actual bad mothers – not the kind whose children end up in hospital or social care through abuse or neglect. These women mean bad mothers in the exclusively middle-class sense: those who take shop-bought cakes to the school fete, refuse to stay up all night sewing costumes for Book Day, and sometimes sneak into the garden for a fag and several glasses of pinot when the kids are in bed. In recent years we’ve had slummy mummies, bad mothers’ clubs and women who don’t pick up the stuff on their stairs, all rebelling against the perceived pressures on modern women to have and be and do it all, perfectly.These pressures were made explicit by Allison Pearson in her bestselling 2002 novel, I Don’t Know How She Does It, whose title Daisy Waugh subverts for her own anti-parenting guide, though she explains that the phrase actually came from a midwife who attended the birth of …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books