‘Overall, I did enjoy this book but I don’t think the story is complete’Although this book is a good book, I didn’t feel it was a full book, as I don’t think their story has finished yet. The questions that were introduced throughout the book were not all answered: What happens between Carey and Ryan? What happens when Melissa and Delaney find out what Carey did?At the start of the book Carey and Nessa are in their home in the forest; their mother has been gone for 2 months and they are running out of food. Suddenly strangers arrive and take them to the outside world. Carey and Nessa go and stay with the man stranger, his wife, Melissa, and her daughter, Delaney. They get all new clothes and go to school. Nessa is as happy as she’s ever been so Carey puts on a brave face for her. But Carey doesn’t feel free, she needs to tell someone what she did…Overall, I did enjoy this book but I don’t think the story is complete; I definitely think there needs to be another book to finish off their story. Want to tell the world about a book you’ve read? Join …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books