DBW is keen to discover the most impressive digital book designs and innovations, especially since the 2014 Digital Book Awards (formerly known as the Publishing Innovation Awards) are now open for nominations.

Peter Meyers, VP of Editorial & Content Innovation at Citia, spoke with me by phone about the some of the greatest digital-book designs that he has seen lately. Here’s a short list and some of the reasons that these particular titles impressed Meyers:
Petting Zoo by Christoph Niemann
– Responsive Content
“In Petting Zoo, Christoph and his team have programed in a wide range of responsiveness that corresponds with how we interact with objects in the real world,” explained Meyers.

– Co-Performance
Without telling the reader, “he turns the book into an opportunity for the user to co-perform with the book.” For instance, the crocodile’s teeth behave as keyboard, each producing a unique tone when tapped, and this is something the reader simply discovers by engaging with the book.
– Digital and Analog
Petting Zoo is “a beautiful combination of digital and analog values,” said Meyers. So often in digital publishing, we assume that “everything beautiful is digitized….we forget the 90% of our world that’s analog.” Meyers went on to explain that, …read more

Via: Digital Book World