The number one reason Americans say they don’t read more: lack of time.Half of Americans cited that impediment in a USA Today/Bookish survey released last year on reading habits. And an internal customer survey commissioned by a Big 5 publishing house also found lack of the time was the biggest barrier to reading.But we do have time. It’s just broken up in little chunks throughout the day. Our time gets dissipated on Facebook, Twitter, email, texting, instant messaging.As writers and readers, our San Francisco-based team felt that there was a better way to read — especially given the pervasiveness of smartphones, which have become so intimately embedded into our lives that they’ve almost become a part of our bodies.I marveled when I started reading on the current generation of mobile readers. Books! Instantly! Anywhere you have Internet!But over time, I came to real that these readers still largely mimic physical books, with apps descended directly from the print era. Many of the most popular reading apps even animate turning pages. Personally I found that skeuomorphism beautiful when I first saw it, but the fact that I have should itself give me pause: it’s comforting because it’s a link to the past of reading, …read more

Via: Digital Book World