I wish I could give you a clear answer, but after nearly a month of investigation into whether Apple or Barnes & Noble is now the second-largest ebook retailer in the U.S., this is the best I have: It depends.Over the past month, I’ve spoken to over a dozen large, medium and small publishers of ebooks and a handful of important ebook distributors which cater to indie authors. Many of them have shared with me their ebook retailer market share breakdown for the past three months (December, January and February). At the same time, due to the sensitivity of the matter (no publisher wants to publicly acknowledge what percentage of revenue comes from Amazon, for instance), many publishers officially declined to share data with me.That said, I have unofficial sources within publishers and managed to get some idea of ebook retailer market share at large, medium and small institutions. Ebook distributors that work with indie authors were more forthcoming.While there is no consensus among my sources as to which ebook retailer is No. 2, some patterns have emerged: Among the largest publishers, Barnes & Noble seems to still be solidly No. 2 behind Amazon, but both Apple and Amazon are …read more

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