Unbeknownst to adults, the Little Britain star has reinvented himself one of the UK’s most successful – and richest – children’s authorsBetween creating award-winning comedy and conquering every grimy body of water within reach, David Walliams has become a phenomenally successful children’s author, almost by stealth. His lifetime sales are creeping towards the £15million mark, and over the past 12 months, his children’s books have sold 1.1 million copies, putting him behind only Julia Donaldson (2.7m) and Jeff Kinney (1.6m), both of whom have far more books on the market.It means he has outstripped both the perennially successful Jacqueline Wilson and Suzanne Collins, whose Hunger Games trilogy has been a chart-topper for the last few years. Without doubt, he’s up there in the Rowling league. How has he achieved such a commanding position, and built on it, year on year, in such a fickle and tempestuous market?Walliams naturally had an enormous advantage as a debut children’s author – he started out from a position of unusual power, already a well-known and highly bankable comedy star. But comedic fame doesn’t automatically translate to the household name status he’s since achieved with his kids’ writing. Compare Ricky Gervais’s Flanimals –though it …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books