Scientists plant vineyards with the aim of making wine using techniques from classical Rome described by VirgilArcheologists in Italy have set about making red wine exactly as the ancient Romans did, in order to see what it tastes like. Based at the University of Catania in Sicily and supported by Italy’s national research centre, a team has planted a vineyard near Catania using techniques copied from ancient texts and expects its first vintage within four years.”We are more used to archeological digs but wanted to make society more aware of our work, otherwise we risk being seen as extraterrestrials,” said archaeologist Daniele Malfitana.At the group’s vineyard, which should produce 70 litres at the first harvest, modern chemicals will be banned and vines will be planted using wooden Roman tools and will be fastened with canes and woven juniper leaves, as the Romans did.Instead of fermenting in barrels, the wine will be placed in massive terracotta pots – traditionally big enough to hold a man – which are buried to the neck in the ground, lined inside with beeswax to make them impermeable and left open during fermentation before being sealed shut with clay or resin.”We will not use fermenting agents, …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books