The chef talks about his parents’ strong work ethic, growing up in a pub and how he thinks he’s more liked by the public now than he was when he first appeared on TVMy earliest memory is of a holiday on the Norfolk Broads. I was wearing cream and brown Y-fronts and sandals and I was fishing and playing boules. It’s a very happy memory, because the Broads are like heaven on earth and everything that’s good about Britain in one place – honesty boxes and pubs every mile and being able to drive a great massive boat with no licence. Jools and I have taken our kids there on holiday and it’s still the same now.I grew up in a pub in Clavering, Essex. When I was first on telly in The Naked Chef, people thought I was a mockney, that I was posh and had gone to private school. But I went to a comprehensive and my parents, Trevor and Sally, weren’t middle class; they were publicans. That’s where my estuary accent comes from.My dad put me to work in the pub as a young kid to earn pocket money, a pound an hour. My parents had a …read more

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