The Amazon Book Club serves boxed bookseller tears, of course, not wine.
Jeff Bezos makes his executives read a few specific books. They are, you will be shocked to learn, boring in all the worst ways.
Bezos has been doing a series of interviews recently to help tout the latest moist nuggets of Amazon tech being dribbled onto the market. And while watching and reading these interviews can be both hilarious (never have I more enjoyed seeing a man try to ignore his urgent desire for a drink of water) and terrifying (the new Kindle customer service program is so Orwellian that the ad campaign is forced to use the phrase “I can’t see you”) they are, in the end, quite boring. Just a big evil ogre of a tech company hunched over at your door, trying to sell you a shiny new bell or whistle, ho hum.
This post about Bezos on Linkedin by Jon Fortt of CNBC stands out, though, for two reasons.
First, Linkedin is still a thing, apparently. Who knew? Good work still being a thing, guys.
Second, in his post Fortt gives us this little tidbit. Bezos, it seems,
hosted three all-day book clubs with Amazon’s top executives, capped by nice dinners at the …read more

Via: Melville House Books