Jimmy Carter wants to talk about something.
Sometimes, when you’re reading a New York Times article that basically shops an author’s book around town for them, something jumps out at you: a germ of an idea; a unique perspective; even, say, a word or two that just screams “use me as your title!” In the case of Jimmy Carter‘s new book, those words have got to be “enormous brothels.”
The new book that Carter plans to write, and for which his agent, Lynn Nesbit, has been circulating a proposal to a number of publishing houses, will focus on women. And amazingly, not just the way they’ve been discriminated against, or how they hold up half the sky, or what they want (what do they want? I don’t know, maybe a new book?), or any of the usual topics, but on “all aspects of women’s lives.”
But in essence, the book sounds like it will be homiletic: Carter intends to draw on his own experiences traveling the world to comment on the treatment of women generally. Such experiences as
a trip around Africa with Bill Gates Sr. and his wife during which he and I spent much of our time in enormous brothels, and appeared …read more

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