The poet on her Ted Hughes award – and performing inside Holloway prison Kate Tempest has spent most of the afternoon sitting near the bar at London’s Southbank Centre, nursing a glass of water and scribbling ideas and phrases into a notebook. She’s currently writing a novel, a rap album, a musical set in a women’s prison: “Lots of very different, very scary worlds,” she says, laughing, “but I think it’s important to push yourself.”Her speech gathers momentum when she warms to a theme, and she warms to plenty. “Why not write a novel if you’ve got an idea and feel you can do it? And why not make an album if you’re that way inclined and you’ve got a great idea?” The momentum stops abruptly and she laughs. “But saying that, I feel petrified about this musical.”Tempest is best known for her mesmerising, rap-inspired performance poetry; in March her south London-set epic Brand New Ancients, which reimagines the classical gods as two modern families, won the Ted Hughes award for new work, making the 26-year-old the first person under 40 to receive it. When she started writing in her mid-teens, she would push herself to perform anywhere. At grime …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books