Six books into a self-published crime series, Kerry Wilkinson has signed a 14-book deal. Will he ever go it alone again? ‘Definitely’How did you come to self-publish?When I turned thirty, I’d been doing the same job for a while. I wanted to try doing something different with my life, and made a list of things I thought I could do if I put a bit of effort in. “Professional sportsman” was unfortunately a long-disappeared aim, due to my increasingly dodgy back and, more likely, an utter lack of ability. It’s also hard to make a living from sitting on your sofa playing The Elder Scrolls. I had been working as a journalist for almost ten years and figured I would try to write a book. It sounds a bit simplistic but I just went for it, working every day around my job until I was finished. I looked at the traditional publishing routes – three chapters, stamped addressed envelope and a tiny piece of your soul to an agent, wait six weeks for the rejection and go again – but figured life was too short. I saw the “self-publish with us” button on Amazon and never looked back.What sort of …read more

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