Not only has he manged to bring his comic-book creations to the big screen, he has also won over Hollywood in the processThe night before our interview, Mark Millar was drinking his way through his hotel suite’s minibar. “There goes your budget, Universal Pictures!” he tweeted, later adding, “If I get drunk enough and run out of nuts I’m going to eat those minibar condoms.” But when I meet the 44-year-old the following afternoon he is incredibly chirpy, enthusiasm unfettered, words flying out at 100mph. He discusses the Kick-Ass films, adapted from the comics he authored, with childlike glee. Next week the sequel is released, and this time there are whole armies of costumed cohorts, Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s eponymous DIY vigilante leading the charge against Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s vengeful Red Mist, now reborn as The Motherfucker. It’s a big bundle of fun, and with its $28m budget (low compared with its costlier cousins), Millar hopes it will enjoy even greater success than its predecessor, which made $96m in cinemas.He brings up Jim Carrey early. The actor plays Colonel Stars and Stripes, a gun-toting patriot amassing a team of superheroes, but recently U-turned on the film, tweeting that he was not ashamed of …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books