‘The book explains about how money can make you nasty and horrible’This book is about a man called Kurt who has a wife and three kids named Helena, Kurt Junior and Bud. The book explains about how money can make you nasty and horrible.My favourite character was Anna-Lisa, Kurt’s wife, because she believed in Kurt from the start which makes her a great wife and character. She even sent a radio message to him to tell him to stop being nasty and slightly crazy.He saved a man from drowning in the quay and received a diamond the size of a football but what use is a diamond? He sold it for 50 million dollars and started being mean.Then Kurt got this crazy idea about being Prime Minister and he banned everyone but him and Bud to play with his new things. He bought a saw machine and started sawing up houses and bridges – basically anything – because he only got one vote which was his own, he voted for himself. He was really mad. Nobody got hurt though, because they were told to stay inside while crazy Kurt sawed the city in half.Then he realises that money doesn’t solve …read more

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