L. A. Times Festival of Books, it’s like we don’t even know who you ARE anymore, y’know?
The L.A. Times Festival of Books was so cool when it first got its start, man. It was just a scrappy up-and-comer, ready to work hard, a dream in its heart and stars in its eyes. Somewhere along the way, though, all the fame and money must have gone to its head. The Festival has a strange accent, now. When you call its number you get routed to some guy named Mitch. The Festival never really looks at you when you talk to it anymore, it always seems to be scanning the room for other faces.
Worst of all, the L.A. Times Festival of Books has started palling around with Bezos and his crowd.
As Bridget Kinsella reported in Shelf Awareness, the festival sent out an announcement of this year’s participating authors on Monday. Beside the name of each author was a “buy” button linking to Amazon. Kinsella writes, “although the e-tailer is not listed as a LATFOB sponsor or exhibitor, the Festival has quietly become an Amazon affiliate, earning a commission on book sales by the e-tailer originating from its website.”
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Via: Melville House Books