Alasdair Gray says appointment of English people to cultural jobs in Scotland is part of part of anti-independence strategyAlasdair Gray, author of the classic novel Lanark and one of Scotland’s outspoken literary figures, has said that those who appoint English people to major cultural jobs in Scotland are “Scotophobic”.He suggested that this was a deliberate anti-independence strategy: “You’ve got to bear in mind who the people are who choose the heads of Scottish national companies: bankers, insurance people, there may be one or two artists. These are people who don’t want an independent Scotland,” he said, noting further the appointment of English people as the heads of the National Theatre of Scotland and the funding body Creative Scotland last December he threw a virtual hand grenade into the Scottish independence debate when he wrote an essay last year dividing the English in Scotland into “colonists and settlers”.His statements were severely criticised in some quarters, but the author, speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, stood by his comments. “Scots bodies who appoint heads of bodies are Scotophobic when it comes to their own kind,” he said.The original essay, part of a volume called Unstated: Writers on Scottish Independence , stated …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books