My original plan was to attend the New Delhi World Book Fair but, wisely it turned out, I added in several events around the book fair, such as GlobaLocal, CEOSpeak and a two-day Copyright Seminar. A lot to pack into a week but, although busy, it allowed for a fascinating insight into the Indian publishing market.I could write an essay rather than a blog, but I wanted to pick out some of the key lessons from my time in New Delhi:– 1) Ebooks and internet – the Indian market is five years behind the UK and US in terms of the impact of ebooks and internet retail. Still the large majority of copies are sold in print and only a minority on the internet. While tempting to say this is due to the passion for the printed book and bookshops, the reality is it hasn’t hit yet but is coming.The most common reason I was given was the low take-up of Smartphones to date due to their cost, but that cheaper Smartphones are on their way (as is Amazon, see below).2) Libraries – coming from the whisper-first-shout-maybe-later UK, the debate over key issues was passionate in India, the first copyright …read more

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