Nearly a third of Americans have “high engagement” with their local libraries, and some 39% more have “medium engagement,” according to a new and lengthy report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.Library use tends to dovetail with a high level of education, income, comfort with technology and connectivity to community and the world, the new Pew report says.But who are the folks who make up the most avid library patrons, those who publishers, authors and librarians need to think most about when formulating strategies and planning for this year and next?Meet the Library Lovers and Information Omnivores:Related: Amazon’s Growing Share of the Institutional Market Library LoversLibrary Lovers make up about 10% of all Americans, or a third of “high engagement” library patrons.According to the Pew report:Library Lovers have strikingly positive views of public libraries compared with other groups, and with the U.S. population as a whole; they use libraries and library websites more than any other group, and believe libraries are essential at the personal as well as the community level.On a demographic level, nearly two thirds of Library Lovers are women, some 40% are parents and, overall, they tend to skew younger than the general population. They …read more

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