After being dropped by her publisher because of poor sales, Linda Gillard decided to publish her next novel herself• House of Silence was recommended by many readers including Jenny Woodall, GeraniumCat and rwillmer. Scroll down to recommend your own favourite self-published booksWhy did you choose to self-publish House of Silence?I was an award-winning, mid-list author of contemporary women’s fiction when, four years ago, I was dropped by my publisher. “Disappointing sales” was the reason given. After two years my agent still hadn’t managed to find a publisher for my fourth and fifth novels. Editors liked the books, but said they’d be hard to market because they belonged to no clear genre. A lot of my readers were asking when there would be a new book, so with my agent’s blessing, I self-published my fourth novel, House of Silence, on Kindle.I broke all the rules. I didn’t blog. I didn’t tweet. I didn’t publish genre fiction. It wasn’t the first in a trilogy. I didn’t make it free. But I sold 10,000 downloads in less than four months and Amazon UK selected it for its Top Ten Best of 2011 in the Indie Author category.Tell us a bit about the bookHouse …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books