Alice O’Keeffe warms to a coming-of-age tale of 21st-century loveIf it’s difficult to believe that somebody born in the 1990s has written a book as good as Lolito, then perhaps that is appropriate: it is exactly the kind of patronising sentiment that Brooks skewers, with all the humour and manic invention one could wish for, in this tale of 21st-century love.When 15-year-old Etgar Allison finds out that Alice, his girlfriend of two years, has cheated on him, he drowns his sorrows in cider and Nesquik-laced tea before seeking solace in an internet chatroom. Posing as a thirtysomething mortgage broker, he meets Macy, a mother-of-two who appears to be as attractive as she is lonely. When grubby cybersex blossoms unexpectedly into a deeper attraction, Macy suggests they should spend the weekend together in a London hotel. But how will she react when she realises that her hot date is a child?In some respects, Lolito is a classic coming-of-age novel. Like Holden Caulfield, Vernon God Little, Adrian Mole and countless other teenage protagonists before him, Etgar is negotiating complex adult emotions and experiences armed with a bare minimum of worldly knowledge. His relationship with Alice has a puppyish quality – they have …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books