With its Pigoons and ChickieNobs, does the conclusion of Margaret Atwood’s SF trilogy show her at her best?The late Iain Banks complained a few years back about “literary” authors doing what their science fiction counterparts call “slipstreaming” – trespassing on their turf. In principle, Banks was all in favour of writers crossing genre boundaries, but he objected when the marauders didn’t bother to work out what had “Been Done”, and indeed what had “Been Done to the Point of Being a Joke”. Imagine, he said, a literary novelist excitedly telling his editor about his brilliant new idea for a book, which is set in an English country house:”And there’s a sort of houseparty going on, you see? And there are all sorts of people there, like a retired colonel and a famous lady clairvoyant, an angry young man and a flighty young thing – isn’t this just a fascinating cast of characters? – but then there’s an unexpected snowstorm and they’re completely cut off, and then … there’s a murder! Yes; a murder. But it turns out one of the guests is a famous amateur detective, and …”Banks’s thoughts came back to me while I was reading Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam …read more

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