Shot teenager says books ‘hold the power of education’, before ceremony to open Europe’s largest public libraryMalala Yousafzai (right), the Pakistani teenager shot by the Taliban for championing the right of girls to an education, is to formally open Europe’s largest public library in Birmingham on Monday.The £188m building contains about a million books, access to a vast film and television archive belonging to the British Film Institute and is the new home of the second largest repository of Shakespeare’s works in the world.Malala was attacked by Taliban gunmen on a school bus near her former home in Pakistan last October. She was targeted after campaigning for girls’ rights to go to school without fear in a part of the country where Islamic fundamentalists were trying to impose a strict form of sharia law. The 16-year-old survived the attempt on her life despite the assassin’s bullet grazing her brain, thanks to medics in Pakistan and later the UK where she was treated at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth hospital.Surgeons inserted a titanium plate and a cochlear hearing implant, and she received a visit from Pakistan’s president, Asif Ali Zardari, while recovering in hospital. She has since settled with her family in Birmingham.In …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books