A frank and funny graphic memoir from a cartoonist living with bipolar disorderMarbles is a memoir about depression. Ellen Forney is an American cartoonist, so her memoir is told through pictures, though there are often a lot of words in the thought clouds, which itself tells you something about the nature of the illness.Specifically, Forney has bipolar disorder, so her state of mind swings wildly from curled-up-on-sofa-under-blanket, to let’s-all-get-naked-and-have-sex. It is a very engaging book, and Forney has the essential ingredient for a memoir of this type: honesty.To write a memoir, we are told, involves the ability to betray people. Here the main person Forney betrays is herself, and she does so with wit, irony and pathos. What will be particularly familiar for those who have been through similar experiences is the sense of denial. One speech bubble declares “I don’t want balance, I want brilliance! Meds would hold me down!” Meanwhile, on the same page, the sword of Damocles hangs above her head.Most of the book documents a familiar path, the one signposted the Road to Recovery (or at least stability), though fortunately it never feels too familiar thanks to Forney’s representations of her different mental states. For instance, …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books