Marketers can’t predict the future any more so than anyone else. However, there are two aspects of trying to anticipate the future that I’ve found to be near-truisms—at least when marketing books to consumers (which is really the only time I endeavor to predict the future).

The more you know beforehand about the consumer, the easier it is to anticipate what he or she is more—or even most—likely to do next.
The closer in time the hoped-for “next action” is to be decided, the easier it is to actually predict what that action will be. (As a corollary, it becomes easier once the actions begin.)

Obvious. But, like a lot of solid marketing, it’s easier said than done.
Three components play into this and, in my opinion, are must-haves for book marketers wishing to run effective, efficient campaigns.
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This is the old-school marketer’s bread and butter. This is “Mad Men.” How old is your consumer? What sex? How many kids? Urban, suburban, rural? Census stuff. Let’s say I’m marketing a book on how to retire comfortably even if you feel behind on your savings. …read more

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