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Sometimes, when you’re trying to find an audience for a book, you’re not looking in all the best places. Let me explain.
Flashback: it’s around 2000 and I’m sitting in a freezing cold conference room in, probably, Boca Raton. I’m in the audience as no “new media” or “digital” folks were possibly going to be seated at the dais. Plus, at the time, geek marketers were all central – corporate and this was the imprints’ time to shine. Sales conference. Old school style.
I’m flashing back with great clarity on a phrase I heard repeatedly. Really, really repeatedly. That phrase was: “…will appeal to fans of…” As in  “…will appeal to fans of John Grisham…” or …will appeal to fans of Nora Roberts…” or  “…will appeal to fans of Malcolm Gladwell…” and so on. These phrases uttered by editors, marketers, and salespersons were based on the “comps” – the titles deemed comparable to this new publication we were spending thousands of person-hours considering. Typically, the comps were aspirational, based on content with a …read more

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